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Soft Comforting Hues

Soft, comforting colours are on my radar.

There first in the series is Limpet Shell. Limpet Shell is a cooling and refreshing blue with a faint green accent. The beauty about this colour is that it can be adapted in so many ways, according to your space and personal aesthetic. Eluding a sense of light, the colour works perfectly as a wall treatment in an open planned living environment, accentuating and giving the illusion of visual space. Limpet Shell would also work perfectly as the backdrop for a coastal home, making a direct reference to the surrounding environment. Contrastingly, it would also make a perfect wall treatment for a French Riviera inspired living environment.

With similar qualities to Limpet Shell, Serenity is a calming blue that evokes a sense of relaxation. The understated tone to the colour means it would act as a perfect wall treatment in any living environment- whether it be a bedroom, dining space or living room. From a stylistic standpoint, this colour would act as a perfect backdrop when styling for a modern mid-century aesthetic.

Lilac Grey is the last colour that will be discussed this week. This soft and subtle tone of purple fits perfectly into any living or bedroom environment, providing not only a perfect canvas to work from but a relaxing and tranquil living environment. If your not daring enough to splash this colour on your wall, it works just as well on furnished items and accented in accessories.

Caitlan N

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