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An Interior Review: SpoonBill House

Nestled in the picturesque bush setting of Perigian Bay, SpoonBill house was designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings whilst still preserving and complimenting the natural vegetation surrounding its perimeter.

The incredible architecture and interiors transform this home from a coastal bungalow to a show stopping gallery environment.

The interiority spatial qualities of this space are divided into two separate wings that are pivoted around the central ‘heart’ of the home. This ‘heart’ of the home is considered the most public of the interior and features generous a generous living space with high ceilings and a visual connection to the exterior environment, perfect for welcoming guests, entertaining, relaxing and celebrating the coastal landscape. Sequentially, this transparent and permeable living space enables maximum connection to site, climate and comfortable outdoor living. The living space is at the central location of the home with the bedrooms, studies and bathrooms to either side of this space.

The use of materiality throughout the space is also representative of the connection between the home and the surrounding landscape with a series of natural based materials being featured predominately throughout the space.

The material palette consists of recycled Spotted Gum, highlighted in shiplap cladding on both the exterior and interior. The beauty about this material is that is features a natural patina and will only get better in time, with the rich red of the timber turning into a soft, subtle grey, allowing for the building to seamlessly blend into the landscape and embrace the naturalistic qualities the land has to offer.

Polycarbonate sheeting, glass and polished concrete are other materials used throughout this space. The glass gives the illusion of a larger space whilst still creating private spaces and the concrete, reminiscent of beach sand evokes a rich natural character on the overall feeling of the home.

The colour palette used is a natural based scheme, acting as a canvas to the hero materials and picturesque landscape of the exterior. Similarly, the furnishings are light and evoke a natural essence, with the use of timber, matt black with natural pops of colour. The layouts of these pieces are lined along the perimeter of the room, inviting guests into the space.

Max Sparrow

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