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Striking Structural Details

What would your dream home look like if you could design a plan starting from a blank page?  The architectural details of the property are more than just the foundations of a home – they are the design features that set the tone. Here are a few design details that I simply love right now.

A ceiling bulkhead is an architectural detail that I absolutely love at the moment – especially if it’s timber. There’s something about a bright, white, and light-filled space with a gorgeous timber bulkhead that catches my eye. A ceiling bulkhead is a fantastic way to draw your eye up to the ceiling – a detail that is often forgotten.

For a minimalist and contemporary finish, look to shadowlines for a streamlined approach to cornices and skirting. The process itself is a little more complicated but the results of a clean aesthetic speak for themself in a modern home.

Oversized doors in a home are a great way to maximise the height of a ceiling, creating a sense of drama and grandeur. I’m particularly enamoured with reclaimed barn doors on a sleek black track above a corridor entry. Think about incorporating this showstopping detail throughout the home for impact.

Max Sparrow

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