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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Styling with Crystals

Thinking about adding some positive energy to your home?  Some people subscribe to the healing powers of crystals strategically placed in the home to eliminate negative energy and add balance.  For example, I’ve heard that adding selenite or black tourmaline at each corner of the house rids the home of bad energy.  Or that smokey quartz combats the electromagnetic vibes from computers and electronics that people find unnerving.

To be honest, I’m not sure I subscribe to the energy side of things – I have a much more superficial appreciation for crystals.  I love their raw beauty, the natural colour and incredible shapes they come in.  I could spend hours shopping for crystals, as they are fascinating as sculptural pieces for decorating shelves or surfaces.

I style my home with a single crystal on a coffee table, placed on top of a small stack of coffee table books and a vase.  Or think about getting a large rock sliced in two, to be used as book ends on a shelf.  Jonathan Adler does a great job of styling large crystal sculptures on shelves as part of selection of quirky homewares and books (see inspiration images below).

West Elm do a really fun selection of crystal furniture handles, to update an old storage unit.  Or more amazingly, interior designer Brenda Houston has an unforgettable range of crystal inspired wallpapers to really add wow-factor to a space.

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