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Creating Good Fortune Through Styling: Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a 6000-year-old practice, that been influencing the entire globe with great staying power.

The main principle behind referencing Feng Shui in design is harnessing the flow of energy from one space to another through the placement and organisation of objects and structural elements in order to achieve qi; impacting mood, health and success.

The practice of Feng Shui has become a popular concept utilised by many interior designers in order to create a calming and harmonious sanctuaries where qi is fully amplified.

Here are some key guidelines you can follow to achieve the full breadth of qi when styling interior scheme.

Use mirrors to brighten and bring depth to a room, but also to amply key elements of a space. Mirrors should be placed perpendicular to entryways, not facing any openings. Place above your dining table to bring brightness to a room but also highlight your capacity to hold wealth.

A mirror in your living room to reflect your guests in order to create a more festive energy by doubling their presence. Avoid mirrors in bedrooms as it can activate a space that should be still and calming. Hallways are perfect places to place mirrors, just don’t affix them at ends as this can interrupt the energy flow in your home.

Colour is key to achieve a fully resolved Feng Shui design. Two of my favourite colour applications that follow Feng Shui practices used in interior design are earthy, tonal palettes and metallic elemental colours.

Earthy colours are used create a sense of calm by many interior designers, in Feng Shui this palette is believed to aid in the protection of family and one’s inner balance. When considering metallic accents and furniture pieces, metallic elemental colour schemes can be used to bring into a space that requires focus, precision and efficiency. You can utilise these colours in offices and studies to see the full effects of qi.

When taking in consideration of object styling make sure that your space is free of dust and clutter, negative space is not only a common practice in styling, but it’s also a key practice of Feng Shui. Note that clutter and over styling is said to deplete your energy and store stagnant energy.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of Feng Shui, try to apply these in your next design scheme or styling job to see if you can reap the full effects of this ancient practice. You can also take advantage of our experienced design team members who are well versed in Feng Shui.

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Hattie Kirchengast

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