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Styling Luxury With Velvet

I’ve really come around to working with velvet in the home. With the right amount, the luxurious texture can enhance any room with elegant flair. It’s no surprise that velvet has been used throughout the centuries by society’s aristocrats and royalty in fashion and in the home; it’s plush, rich and sumptuous.

It’s important not to over use velvet – the result can be overbearing. Little touches in the upholstery of a chair or settee is perfect and you simply can’t go wrong by adding a velvet cushion in a living space or bedroom.

The golden rule; you don’t need to leave behind simple cottons and linens to embrace luxurious velvet. Layering is the key.

Velvet does get worn away after years of use; it’s not as durable as other fabric selections. If you want to add this texture in a living space, depending on usage it might be wise to use velvet to upholster a pair of occasional chairs rather than your main sofa.

Another tip: it’s definitely a warm material so in winter, why not add a velvet throw or duvet to your bed.

Enhance your home with this luxurious texture and see my gallery for inspiration below.


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