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Styling Vignettes 101

Vignettes are such a stylish way to add interest to home. Collections of curiosities and personal affects create an inviting atmosphere and can showcase some of the best features of a home to buyers.

I use styled vignettes to create beautiful interiors that give a positive first impression of a home.  Here are my tips for creating the perfect vignette.

1. Use vignettes to define a collection and tell a story. After all the word ‘vignette’ translates to a short scene in a film or play in theatrical script writing.

2. Think of scale and play with differing heights in the collection. Also create depth by playing with arrangement – avoid lining up pieces but rather layer.

3. Consider a focal point and ask what piece you are trying to highlight. Placing vignettes on coffee tables, mantelpieces, desks and dining tables draw focus to these areas.

4. Design a scheme by selecting items that are similar or related such as a colour palette or travel mementos from a holiday and always choose objects that support the interiors scheme.

5. Consider balance for a well thought out vignette. Contrast light décor objects with darker tones or soft textures with solid pieces.