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Sunkissed Moments: A Travel Guide to Mykonos

Surrounded by dazzling indigo water, the whitewashed Greek island of Mykonos often has a reputation of being notoriously touristy and a little too trashy, some might say.  But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover so much more than an island of infamous all night parties and happy snappers.

Having fallen in love with Mykonos during a summer I spent travelling, I’d like to share with you my guide to exploring the island and taking home unforgettable memories:

CHORA (the main town) is a buzzing epicenter, particularly in the evenings. The labyrinth of cobbled streets lined with designer boutiques and local stores live up to the beauty of a typical Grecian town – think white washed buildings with pop accents of bright sky blue. Little other colour disturbs this scheme, aside from the occasional burst of pink/purple of bougainvillea’s. 

The architecture of the combines sloped roofs and hand cemented walls, with barely a straight line in sight. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone is individual to Mykonos, and an easy element to introduce in your own interior.


Kiki’s: This little hole set in the side of a hill under a towering olive tree is beyond delightful. 20 minutes from town, off to the side of Agios Sostis, the only true way to locate Kiki’s is by your sense of smell. A traditional family owned and run tavern, the restaurant serves seasonal delicacies cooked on the expansive wood fire oven. Whatever you do, please ensure you order the pork, octopus tentacle and tara. You won’t regret it.  

Matsuhisa: Fine dining at it’s very best – Japanese by the master in sushi Matsuhisa Nobu, eaten poolside at sunset, under a canopy of bougainvillea and the soft light of beautiful pendants.


The Belvedere: Set within a lush landscape of cypress trees, bougainvillea’s and wild laurels, The Belvedere exudes understated luxury. From handcrafted design elements, rich wood accents and crisp white minimalist design, the boutique hotel is relaxing and equally refreshing in every sense.


Psarrou: Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous at Psarrou. Request your hotel concierge book a lounge at Namos to ensure you have a spot for the ultimate people watching. And don’t forget your wallet…you’ll need it. 

Kapari Beach: A little off the beaten track, this absolute treasure is accessible only by scooter and then foot.  My recommendation is to visit a bakery or grocer and load up with goodies, and lots of water, so you can spend the day sunbaking on the rocks, in heavenly seclusion. 


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Caitlan N