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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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The Sunset Room: The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

I’d like to share a recent project from the team here at Alexander and Co – the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel Sunset Room.  Perched on the beautiful West facing Watson’s Bay, looking straight into Sydney Harbour, the design brief was to create an unforgettable coastal space that suited the nostalgic art deco bones of the building and appealed to the vibrancy and youth of the newly modified venue.

In putting together this interior we drew on inspiration from Hampton’s-style architecture and classic American design.  We wanted to create a space that felt beautiful and gentle, and instantly full of memories; something like Grandma’s living room re-imagined.

The real challenge for the project lay in creating a room that felt special, but that would still allow the sunset to be the hero. 

In my opinion, the room has ended up with depth and character – with great layering that surprises and unfolds the more time you spend in there.  It is comfortable, warm, welcoming and has just the right amount of nostalgia.

All photography by: Murray Fredericks

Jeremy Bull