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Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’

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Surreal Realism ‘Terra Incognita’

Steve Back is an established architectural and interiors photographer and an emerging art photographer. Having shot interiors for Coco Republic, he also has many other local and international clients from architects to advertising agencies.

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His latest photography exhibition was showing at the Global Gallery in Paddington earlier this year.

‘Terra Incognita’ or ‘unknown land’ is a quiet reflection on the interplay between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Shot over three years in Western and Southern Australia, Steve sought out and strange landscapes to capture from the air.

With dramatic composition and finely rendered details, Steve Back presents outback aerial landscapes devoid of the usual references to land, sky and sea. The colours, perspective and uncertain scale create a surreal sense of mystery and strangeness, while the familiar cues of the Australian outback terrain or manmade structures firmly anchor them back into the real.

The cognitive dissonance created by this juxtaposition of the known and unknown invites the viewer to explore their own internal landscape, seemingly familiar, yet on closer inspection often mysterious, surprising and unexplored.

Each photograph is stark and elegant in its use of light and space. With a sense of mystery and timelessness, Steve takes us on a journey to a new place: Terra Incognita

The red and pink colouring of Hutt Lagoon is due to the presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina, a source of ß-carotene, a food colouring agent and source of Vitamin A.

You can purchase prints by Steve Back for your home here.




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