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Sweating In Style

William Sofield is one of my all time favourite interior designers. His work radiates masculinity and style and is executed in a totally unexpected way.

Studio Sofield has designed the interiors David Barton’s gyms in Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and now NYC. With a slogan like “Look Better Naked,” the gym pushes the boundaries of both fitness and interior design. Sofield said “So many other gyms are about fluorescents and Clorox.” And as you’ll see, his designs are quite the opposite.

The gyms include a giant disco ball, a DJ booth, and grungy punk interiors with wild flourishes of colour, patterns and unexpected objects. In the NYC gym, there are huge chaises in the shape of boxing gloves, skeleton chairs, as well as the change rooms with multicoloured lights lining the ceiling and a tribal motifs on the carpet.

There is something on almost every wall, whether it is skull wallpaper, or curved walls shaped like a skateboard ramps, or a life size sculpture of Michelangelo’s David. Sofield has even included ornate antique pieces from around the world, including a 100-year-old grandfather clock, adorned with a vintage Russian Santa Claus (all year round) and an antique sideboard from the Black Forest.

Despite looking a bit like a nightclub, the imagination, bizarreness and originality, outweighs the sleaze. Studio Sofield has created a space you’d never want to leave. There’d never be an excuse for skipping a spin class again!

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