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Swedish Minimalism Meets Colour

A Scandinavian interior has been really popular especially over the last few years. The light, monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic really appeals to our friends in Northern Europe as they’re often left in the dark (they receive only 1800 hours of sunshine a year). Lately however, there’s been a change in the air and we’ve been seeing more colour being introduced within these Scandinavian interiors…

Light timber floors, bright white walls and furniture featuring these two colours (with accents of black, of course) are generally what you’d immediately jump to when you hear Scandinavian interiors – now, just replace the white walls and a few furniture items with colour and you have the latest in Northern European design!

Blues and greens seem to be really popular, more specifically: duck egg blue, military green, and pistachio. From just the kitchen cupboard doors to painted walls, these colours are a sure thing to creating a sophisticated and tranquil space whilst still keeping within that Scandinavian feel. If you’re feeling a bit more bold, try incorporating yellows, pinks, and oranges as seen in the trend shows – a cantaloupe orange or soft pink would be a pop of unexpected colour without being too extreme.


Caitlan N

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