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Sydney Gets It: Balmoral Boat Shed

There’s something about The Boathouse Palm Beach that just hits the spot. A casual, organised and well-priced eatery pitched beautifully on a pier between a boat hire shed and a lush green golf course. Perfect for a casual sunset drink or that special event. If any of you have been there you’ll know that it’s a hit – one of the best eatery’s in Australia in my opinion.

Boathouse owners Pip Robb and Andrew Goldsmith (also of Armchair Collective, Mona Vale) have recently rolled out this extremely successful formula, in Sydney’s Balmoral pier.

I popped down on the weekend and love it to bits. Sydney is made for this type of concept.  Baskets of fresh fruit nestled on crab baskets, in among clusters of potted plants.  Blackboard menus and a light blue colour palette was perfect in its simplicity. The sun was shining, skies were blue, the water was green, clean and lapping softly on the timber pillions – it made me feel extremely lucky to live in this beautiful country of ours. 

Unfortunately, you had to be even luckier to get yourself a table on a Saturday.  The wait was over 40 minutes to be seated, and then another 40 for food.  But I suppose that’s the price you pay for hitting the nail on the head.  I’ll definitely be back again, at an “off peak” time.  Nothing beats elegant food by the water, and The Boathouse Balmoral has got it so right.

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