Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

Layered Living: Summer Rug Collection

The Coco Republic summer rug collection sees an array of beautiful introductions. This season’s collection introduces warm tones and textures that truly reflect feelings of summer. Whilst brand new introductory… Read More.

Millie Stein

Winter Rug Collection 2020 Highlights

The Coco Republic Winter rug collection harnesses layered textures and natural elements to create a home that is warm, comfortable and inviting. Introducing five stunning new rugs, each uniquely curated to… Read More.

Ceitie Glenn

Rug Essentials: A Q& A with Beth Finckh

We spend five minutes with Coco Republic Buyer, Beth Finckh as she talks us through the special craftsmanship, styling essentials and top picks behind the Coco Republic Rug Collection. Q.… Read More.

Ceitie Glenn

Vintage Rugs: No Two The Same

This coming winter, the easier way to inject warmth into your home is through laying a rug over your flooring, whether it be timber or tiles. Not only do rugs… Read More.

Jessica T

Five Minutes With Textile Designer Grace Garrett

I love the idea of designing your own rug completely tailored to your own space. As Homewares Buyer for Coco Republic, I wanted a bespoke touch to our rug collection and… Read More.

Beth F

The Bohemian Home

This month I’m taking cues from the gypsies and the bohemians when it comes to styling my home. There is something irresistibly relaxing about a space layered with carefree style.… Read More.

Beth F

Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs

On Tuesday night, Designer Rugs unveiled their new and exclusive collaboration with Australia’s iconic fashion designers Easton Pearson.  The striking collection features eight artisan rugs made from New Zealand Wool,Viscose… Read More.

Beth F

It’s All About The Rug

They say a rug can anchor and define your interior space; it’s the glue that holds it all together. One that I am loving right now for its bright, bold… Read More.

Caitlan N

How to Style Your Home For Sale

Styling your home for sale isn’t as straight forward as you might think, it’s a specialised type of design that if done right can earn you hundreds of thousands more… Read More.

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