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Warmth With Terracotta

From marble and copper to bright whites and pastels, over the last few years we’ve seen these cooler combinations prevalent in interiors around the globe. But earthy hues are burgeoning as the next it-palette for design. And this is where terracotta comes in to play.

Now, I know many of you associate terracotta paired with salmon pink walls from the 80’s, but this new take on the earthy feature will bring warmth and unique character to any interior.

This type of earthenware, which literally means “baked earth”, has been around for centuries, so it’s brilliant to see it in the forefront of interior designers’ minds again as we forecast what will be trending in the industry over the next year or two.

Unlike the super-glazed terracotta tiles of the 80’s, we’ll be seeing these tiles in a more natural, matte finish, as seen in many gorgeous Mediterranean homes. Natural materials such as timber, linen, and leather work a treat if you’d like to introduce a bit of a Mediterranean flavour to your home; read more about it in our Field Notes post, Romantic Mediterranean Interiors.

While an elegant and rustic Mediterranean aesthetic can be a favourite when incorporating terracotta into the home, the natural material works amazingly well in contemporary interiors as well. The warm red and orange tones of the tile contrast against a black and white colour palette, which helps soften the space – not to mention that the unpolished matte surface adds an extra textural element.

From a simple terracotta potted plant, to a terracotta-tiled living room, there are just so many ways to incorporate this gorgeous earthy material. Take a look at these beautiful homes for interiors inspiration.

Max Sparrow

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