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From Study to Practice: Lisa Ewart Design

Coco Republic Design School are delighted to introduce Lisa Ewart, a graduate of the Interior Decoration, Perth Mum of three, and fully fledged interior designer.  I caught up with her about the studying at the School, design and starting a new business:

You studied Interior Decoration Essentials 101 – as a accelerated course – at the Coco Republic Design School, why did you choose the course?

The time frame suited me. 5.5 days was the maximum amount of time I could take away from my life (3 young children and a part time job). Coming from Perth I liked the idea of removing myself from my everyday responsibilities and totally immersing myself in the course. It gave me a chance to focus on the course only which is exactly what I needed as it was a case of give it your all or nothing…

What did you get out of the course?

So much!!! I had absolutely no prior knowledge about the industry or how it worked I was totally green! The course gave me insight on the industry – how to start out (portfolio), dealing with clients, how to charge. Most of all the course gave me the confidence to start my own business!

Tell us a bit about your background, how did you get into the design industry?

I think the cards were laid out for me, it was never something I intentionally set out to do as a career. It’s always been my passion, my husband and I spent the first 10 years of our marriage renovating, building, extending, making over, selling showering in the front yards, toilet training toddlers with ‘out houses’ and loved every minute of it, never stressed by the process. I was always helping out friends and family with their homes too.

It was when I was at home with my 3 children I decided to study interior design to formalise my skill and thought maybe one day someone would pay me for helping them – I never dreamed that I would employ staff!! I remind myself all the time how lucky I am to get paid for doing something I love.

What you do?

Founder and creative director of collected interiors. We do interior design, decorating and styling, mostly residential.

Who inspires/excites you in the interiors industry? (Can this be changed to ‘what’?)

I’m always inspired by amazing photography – whether it be interiors, people or nature anything that gives me that ‘feeling’ and I need to take a second look.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic modern minimalist understated slight edge with a bit of eclecticism thrown in and constantly evolving.

Your latest project?

-A cute 60’s duplex in cottesloe filled with original vintage Danish furniture and retro fittings

-A modest beach house renovation in Scarborough

-A multi residential apartment block with CAPA architects in Leederville

-A mini makeover/renovation in Duncraig

What’s next?

Working on my business and employing an assistant. I underestimated how much work is involved in running a small interior design business – from dealing with the accountant through to implementing a social media strategy. These things whilst necessary are a distraction from the actual job of designing.

Interested in following in Lisa’s path?  Find out more about Interior Decoration Essentials and other courses at the Coco Republic Design School here.


Caitlan N