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The Christmas Table

It’s that time of year again. The beloved Christmas time! This week, I have delved into the art of table dressing and have researched ways that will have people loathing over not only your Christmas day feast, but your extravagant table décor.

One of my absolute favourite looks for a Christmas Day table displays is the use of natural fibers and the inspiration from what we see outside our own windows.

This style effortlessly combines natural fibers, simple, clean lines and the use of organic materials to create a visually intriguing, unique and voluptuous table setting that will have you guests talking all year long. The tradition of using the signature colours of red, white and green, with the odd Santa Clause thrown in for visual character may bring us back to our mother’s tables-where our roots are often deeply planted, but I really love the unexpected twist the white, natural and dark green colours provided- a more sophisticated approach to a cheery

Line the center of your table with a hessian runner or opt for an organic based material that eludes a natural and carefree aesthetic. Materials in natural tones that fray easily also give an earthy aesthetic to the table. Layer the table runner with foliage of different tones. Select pieces with different heights, colour and shape as well. Natives are my best pick as nothing says Australia more than a native. Banksia and Wattles have a very architectural aesthetic, with full foliage and slight pops of colour in the flowers. Give height to the display with candles, lanterns, potted plants, sculptural sticks or lighting features- this evokes a sense of understated luxury.

Now onto the place settings. Gold and Brass flatware are my absolute favourite when selecting pieces for the special day. Gold naturally brings the warm hues of Christmas to the table with an elegant and updated feel. Gold also lends itself beautifully to both traditional and modern designs. Introduce the same material used in the runner as a placemat for each individual place setting; this will give a sense of cohesion. A sprig of foliage and an individual place setting card dresses each place setting perfectly. Oh and don’t forget the Christmas cracker.

The Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be perfect. More importantly, imperfection creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the bounty of the season, and be inspired by all that surrounds you.


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