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The Design X Factor

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the what makes a room incredible – what makes it stand out, why does it make people stop and turn their heads? Why is it a beautiful space to live in?  In gathering my thoughts, I’ve turned to the experts – so below is a compilation of some lessons learned about creating a stand-out interior.

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“The first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all the other rules.” — Interior Designer, Billy Baldwin

 I couldn’t agree more Mr Baldwin!  The most important rule when designing a space is that the interior scheme suits the lifestyle and the personalities of its inhabitants.  Throw the strict rules out the window and balance individual pieces with design classics and you’ll create a space that’s got both personality and style.  

“The more mass produced our homes, furnishings and electronics become, the greater the appeal of handcrafted products.”
– Architectural Digest

This is so true for today’s interior design world – always include something completely unique, a one-off, something sourced or made that tells a story.  Whether it’s reclaimed antique timber floor boards imported from France and recreated into a marquetry dining table, or a hand woven Afghani wall hanging sourced while travelling, hand crafted irreplaceable pieces will always add an X factor!

“My main objective is determining how a space will feel, not how it will look.”
– Interior Designer, Terry Hunziker

The feeling created in a space should always be intentional.   Whether you want to achieve a sense of sereneness, or high energy, or warmth and comfort.  This mood will determine furniture, colours, patterns, textures flow and lighting – it will define the space.  The x-factor is how successfully this chosen mood is achieved.  

“Good design is forever.” – Zelina Brunschwig, director, textile décor company, Brunschwig & Fils (1897-1981)

A space that has the X-factor is timeless – and that doesn’t mean that it’s traditional, or classic. It can be modern, contemporary, daring.  But the design of the space, including the “bones” of the place, are so important. Invest in good quality hard surfaces like wooden floorboards, an elegant kitchen, beautifully crafted window and doorframes.  Invest in large furniture items that are simple, yet elegant.  You can cover these with scatters and change up the wall colours in line with current trends – decorating changes day to day, but good design is forever.

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