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Field Notes - The Dressing Room

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The Designer Dressing Room

Floor to ceiling shelving for shoes, endless drawers for accessories and jewellery, a full length mirror leaning against the wall, and a window bench looking out onto a private garden. Sounds like a little slice of heaven.

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But not every dressing room or closet is designed for ladies. On my recent travels to Europe, I came across this dressing room in a penthouse in Monaco. Martin Kemp, head designer of Candy & Candy, conceived this beautiful space in the enormous penthouse in La Belle Epoque, which overlooks the port of Monte Carlo. It is a real gentleman’s club, inspired by 1920’s Art Deco design. I love the meticulous attention to detail, from the metal feet on the chaise, to the columns and cornices, to the detailing on the wardrobe doors and the blend of rich veneers.

In 2010, the penthouse sold for £199 million ($328m), the highest price for a single residence in history.

Here are a few more fabulous finds…

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