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The Inspired Outdoor Room

Here at the Coco Republic Design School, I get the chance to speak with emerging designers on a daily basis. And one of the questions that comes up frequently is “How can I integrate my outdoor space into my home’s interior scheme?”

To answer this, Dean Boone of Distinctive Gardens & Interiors talks to Field Notes about the importance of integrating the outdoors with the interior;

In Australia, we experience some of the best conditions for outdoor living. Long lazy summer nights, cool sea breezes and an inbuilt, almost genetic desire to be outside. The outdoor room is really the next Australian icon and is emerging as a critical element in home design.

Integration of the outdoors with the interior; and the connection with nature that it brings, is a critical element of the outdoor room. It must be considered to be another room in our home – unique and deserving of a greater level of consideration than it is often given.

Famous in the States for connecting everyday people with the natural environment, is Oehme van Sweden. Since the 1970’s, their influence today is seen around the world, not just in landscape design. Their design projects range from large commercial spaces, public art projects and public parks to the smaller, intimate and very private residences of the rich and famous.

All successfully bring nature and the essence of the landscape into the user’s everyday life. They include quintessential themes and design elements in each of their projects that highlight the sculptural, intimate, surprising, uplifting and deeply spiritual nature of the outside world.

Oehme van Sweden take the characters of the local landscape and translate them into a more human space. I think of it as neat nature. It’s an artistic translation of the natural world into one that is easily digested and easy enjoyed. Like any good design, it should get under your skin, make you think, awaken you and put you at peace with the world.

Below, Dean has included a variety of projects by Oehme van Sweden to get you thinking about the design of your outdoor room.

If you want to put this into practice, Dean will be hosting a Masterclass at the Coco Republic Design School this November. For more info visit the Coco Republic Design School.

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