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The Living Room Lighting Guide

Getting lighting right in a living room is a MUST when designing a space. Lighting can be used to evoke different emotions and aesthetic in a space so in order to achieve the mood and style that you want, you need to ensure you select the piece that best compliments it.

The Timothy Oulton Gyro Crystal Floor Lamp is a great way to bring personality and character to a space and can be used in both a contemporary and a traditional space. It can instantly turn any interior into one that is warm and inviting due to the nature of the warm lighting it emits and the texture of the “rust” finish.

Floor lamps and table lamps are also used in order to add a third dimension in a space. I think people have a misconception that if you have high ceilings, you shouldn’t use floor lamps as it will shorten the space and defeats the purpose of having high ceilings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have high ceilings, floor lamps and table lamps will in fact help ground and zone the space whilst adding that extra dimension. The photo above featuring our Lorenzo Alabaster Table Lamp exhibits this look. 

I’d be more inclined to use table lamps on side tables on either end of a sofa for a formal living space whereas I’d use floor lamps in casual living areas. For example, if you have enough space, and you have side tables next to the sofa’s with the table lamps, it adds symmetry to the space and I find symmetry is more common in a formal living area. Whereas in a casual living area, you could get away with having 1 floor lamp next to the sofa to give it a more relaxed feel.  


If you have a large oversized sofa with large side tables, you need to have a lamp that also has the same presence so it doesn’t look insignificant next to your hero pieces. One of my go-to’s in a formal living area for “oomph” is the Timothy Oulton Odeon Table Lamp.

If your sofa isn’t oversized but you still want that look and presence in the room, I’d go with Tamsin Alabaster Table Lamp as the base isn’t as heavy so it’s more in proportion to a standard sized sofa.

See our gallery below for your living room lighting inspiration.

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Ceitie Glenn