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The New World: The New Bar

In The New World, we are only starting to be able to return to our local bar or visit the new hotspot for a few drinks. For those indulging in a 3pm glass of champagne or evening gin and tonic, the breakfast bar, dining table and living room have become the ‘it’ bars. And so a focus on the at-home bar cabinet or bar cart is essential. 

Here are our bar styling tips to emulate the finesse of your favourite local bar. 

The Tools You’ll Need 

Step one: Someone else to drink with, alternatively a good book or Netflix series 

Step two: A shaker set, strainer and jigger, otherwise known as a shot measure, are all essentials to have on hand in your cabinet or cart. A hand juicer is perfect for those fruity recipes as is a knife and chopping board set.  

Glasses, Upside Down 

Store your glasses upside down so they are ready to go when needed. Don’t delay a much needed beverage after a day in isolation after all. Storing glasses, preferably in a rack inbuilt in your bar cabinet, ensures they don’t gather dust and stay clean.  

Hermitage Bar Cabinet >

Keep Your Favourites Handy 

Your favourite bars have their drops on show and so should you. Make the bottles the stars. Create a layered look with liquor of different heights and labels. Any mixers should be prechilled in your fridge. Your all set for cocktail, or mocktail, hour with your beverages, garnish and ice. The more interesting or expensive the bottle, the more it should be on show. There is nothing quite like a collection of varied high end bottles to ensure you are mentally ready to get tipsy in style. 

Fenton Bar Cart >

But for when we finally emerge from the comfort of our own homes, try pop to Charlie Parker under Fred’s in Paddington, Sydney. Milan’s original Campari bar, Camparino in Galleria. Or the newly opened Bergamo’s near Grand Central Station in New York City. 

As they say, it’s 5pm somewhere in the world…

Caitlan N

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