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The New World: The New Hotel

With international travel plans on hold, we’re sleeping in our own beds at night.

Transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel with our three design tips to enjoy a blissful night sleep every day. Here’s how you can get the look.


The Perfect Bedside Companion

Pictured: The Estelle Bedside Table

Bedside Tables serve two functions, to anchor the bedroom and house all your essentials. Don’t overlook storage, the ideal nightstand has drawers to store away bedside beauty necessities out of sight for an undistracted night of sleep.

Finally, height matters. The right scale and proportion of your table to bedhead is key. The tabletop should sit above your mattress to allow for you to reach for items from your bed easily.

Our top picks are the: Estelle Bedside Table, Trinidad Bedside Table & Fenton Bedside Table


The Art Of Layering

Pictured: Cannes Bed, Nomad Marble Side TableClover Ceramic Lamp

Achieving a high-end hotel bedroom aesthetic begins with the bed. Create visually appealing symmetry and luxury by pairing cushions together to build textured layers.

Don’t forget the details. A sophisticated hotel bed isn’t complete without a perfectly made bed. Duvet covers should be tucked in at the front and a comforter or cosy throw draped effortlessly along the top. Our suggestion would be to opt for white linen for that signature hotel look.

Our top picks are the: Faux Fur Throw, Sefina Cushion, and In Bed Duvet Cover In White


Love Your Lamp

Pictured: Tamsin Alabaster Table Lamp & Aleka Table Lamp – Black

The trusted table lamp is the ideal pairing with your bedside table. It creates low-light ambience in the evening to emulate a relaxing space to wind down.

A sophisticated task light will also assist with your bedtime reading or act as an accent light.

Our top picks are the: Aleka Table Lamp, Tamsin Alabaster Table Lamp, & Ostin Table Lamp


And when we escape the comfort of our own staycation, you’ll find us lounging poolside at Calile Hotel in Brisbane’s lively Fortitutde Valley, admiring timeless Italian design at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa in Milan, or enjoying the contemporary surrounds at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel in LA.

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