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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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The New World: The New Restaurant

We’re in a time where our big family get togethers are on hold and our friends are but a square on a video call. Date nights away from the kids are no longer a thing nor is after work dinner at our nearby favourite. The New World is one where the dining spaces in our own homes are the local gastropub, our favourite go-to or the new must-visit restaurant. But don’t worry if you don’t make a booking. 


For that restaurant experience at home, try the… 

The Bristol Dining Table 

Serve casual fare or hearty dishes atop the Bristol, carefully crafted from reclaimed solid French Oak with a live edge and hammered bronze base. Buon appetite. 

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The Junction Dining Table 

Solid hand-polished marble pairs with rustic timber legs on the grand Junction by Timothy Oulton. This piece brings the atmosphere. 

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The Flex Dining Table

With a contemporary design of honed marble and powdercoated steel for daily dining, the round Flex Dining Table is perfect for a smaller space at home in two size options and round tables are always perfect to accommodate various sized families. 

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And for when the international airways reopen and we become jetsetters once again, visit Amano in Auckland for incredible locally sourced dishes. MTN in vibrant Venice in Los Angeles where cool Californian crosses bold Japanese flavours. Or for something on Australian soil, try the Melbourne staple for casual meets fine dining at Cutler & Co in Fitzroy. 

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