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The Palace of Versailles

There is something about walking the halls of Palace of Versailles that makes time stop. You can almost hear the orchestra playing in the theatre and see Marie Antoinette sitting on her chaise surrounds by her maids, not to mention the beauty of the building.

The palace was built in 1682 for Louis XIV’s father the then King who used it as a small hunting lodge, when Louis XIV took over he quickly commissioned Architect Louis Le Vau with the helped of interior decorator Charles le Brun ( whom Louis XIV claimed was the “greatest painter of all time” )and landscaper Andre Le Notre (these three artist had worked together previously on the private chateau Vaux Le Vicomte for the kings’s minister of finance) and 3000 workers to help transformed it to the amazing Palace which still stands today.

It contains a staggering 700 rooms and extensive gardens with the gardens at Versailles covering eight hundred hectares of land. Lavish is certainly one word that comes to mind.

The interior design phrase “Louis style ” is still know today for gold richly-woven fabrics or brocades,  heavy gilded plaster moulding, large sculpted side boards, and heavy marbling.

Whether your in the hall of mirrors , the main grand bedroom ( where Marie Antoinette was said to give birth while 20 noble people looked on – a common thing in those times to prove that the heir was not a child swapped at birth ) the grand canal , state apartments, the Royal Opera room or admiring the amazing gardens and 1,400 fountains you will simple be in awe.

Any lover of Art, History or Architecture needs to visit Versailles but keep in mind the queue can be a little long but definitely worth it.

Daniela Frougas

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