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The Right Sofa: Leather or Fabric?

The living room is usually the heart of the household; for most of us it’s where we gather together and catch up on each other’s day, or where we sit back, relax, and watch TV. Either way, we tend to get a lot of couch time, which is no wonder I come across so many clients who struggle when it comes to picking the perfect sofa.

Not only do the dimensions of the space decide the size of our sofa, but the people and beloved pets that make up our family also make for a huge deciding factor as to what material is better suited. Do you have a St Bernard that loves to laze on the sofa with you? Or perhaps you might have small children that love to finger paint on anything they come across? It’s easy to see why a lot of people go for the ‘practical’ option when it comes to buying a sofa. You no longer have to give up your dream design style for something less stylish and ‘sensible’, and here’s why:


There’s nothing like a sumptuous leather sofa to help create a timeless elegance and warm up a room. It’s a natural material that is synonymous with luxury, and is a go-to for a classic interior through to the more industrial. Many people stay clear from this material because it is luxurious, however this hardy fabric will wear beautifully; every mark and imperfection that comes with a wearing sofa is what makes it so perfect. Like your favourite pair of leather shoes, a leather sofa will soften over time, so the best is yet to come! You can’t go past Timothy Oulton when it comes to a classic leather sofa – just take a look at his Westminster Feather Sofa for a plush Chesterfield look. Look for aniline leather if you want a softer and more natural feel, or a semi-aniline for an increased resistance to wear. With leather, I’m a firm believer in age and wear equals character.


If you’re aiming for a dreamy light-filled space, then a white (or light) coloured sofa might be required, but don’t let this deter you – there are many ways to help maximise its lifetime. Look for materials that are blended with a poly-based fabric – the synthetic material is specifically designed for durability. Selecting upholstery protection for your sofa is a fantastic way to prolong the fabric.

I offer a commercial-grade upholstery protection, safeguarding fabric and leather from stains, dirt, and general soiling. The best part? It also includes a 5-year warranty against accidental upholstery damage. Try my new North Beach Sofa for casual elegance.

Max Sparrow

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