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Think Tin: Pressed Ceilings on Trend

On discovering the stunning pressed tin wall tiling in Melbourne’s Grocery Bar Redux Cafe, I admit I have been fascinated by this finish.  A nod to a time time when interior design was totally romantic, when homes were filled to the brim with decoration for decoration’s sake, the pressed tin finish conjures up sweet nostalgia’s while still appearing highly contemporary.

coco-republic_fieldnotes_grocery bar redux

Cast your imagination back to the late 1800’s, to the Victorian Era, when interior design was historically heavily layered, highly decorative and what we would consider today as totally OTT (think exquisite plasterwork, paneled walls, heavy drapes and chandeliers). 

At the turn of the century, mass-production became the norm and an affordable and popular alternative to the fashionable plasterwork adorning ceilings across Europe, became available. Durable, lightweight and readily available, pressed tin ceilings became all the rage and was added to Victorian era homes, restaurants, bars and hotels across American and Europe. 

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Can you tell I’ve been doing my research?

The common man’s fancy finish, I love the way pressed tin has found a relevance today, particularly when juxtaposed against contemporary design elements like minimalist furniture or industrial lighting.

coco-republic_fieldnotes_text insert

Or check out below; some of the traditional and not-so-traditional ways pressed tin can be used.  Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear which look is your favourite?


Beth F