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Tomorrow’s Antiques: How to care for your Dining Table

For many years, Coco Republic have offered a bespoke collection of exquisite, hand-produced wooden dining tables. Made to order by a team of talented carpenters in Australia, each table in the Private Dining Collection is tailored to the client’s specifications and preferences, using century-old traditional techniques and unique reclaimed European timbers.

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Inspired by the antiques of France, Italy and Spain, each piece mixes a variety of eras and styles to ensure a unique piece that is at the same time timeless, yet also contemporary.

If looked after correctly, a Private Dining Collection table will last for years, to be passed from generation to generation.

Here, Field Notes speak with the artisans who produce these tables, on how to care and maintain tomorrow’s antiques:

Solid timber is a natural living product which may continue to behave as an organic material. Despite being dried and seasoned it may still move or crack. Different climates like air conditioning or heating can cause timbers to move. Strangely it may happen in one room but not another. It may happen to one lot of timber, but not another. This is because each and every piece of timber has its own quirks.

If you were to notice any small cracks or imperfections appearing on your table we suggest that you rub some dark wax into the offending area and then buff it off with a towelling rag.

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We strongly recommend that about every 6 months you wax your entire table to help protect it. This is a job better done in the warmer months as when it’s cold as its harder to get the wax off.

To do this get some very fine steel wool (000 grade or finer) and rub small amounts of wax onto your table in a circular motion. The steel wool is used so that it takes off any gritty residue that may have appeared on the table in the preceding months. Once the wax is on, you then buff it off with a towelling rag.

Your hard work will be rewarded with a beautiful looking table and the lovely smell of the wax permeating the house.

Each time the table is waxed the patina will build up and the table will develop a rich gleaming finish.

Thinking about getting a wood dining table of your own?  Find out more about Coco Republic's Private Dining Collection here.

And here is a little dining table inspiration…

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