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Treasures at Portobello Antiques Market, London

Since moving to Australia I have greatly missed the delights of fabulously eccentric British antiques and the extraordinary displays on show at all the antiques fairs and markets. As controversial as it is coming from a ”Pom” now living in Australia, we Brits really do antiques like no other!

On my return to London I made it my mission to try and encapsulate the buzzing atmosphere and sheer “Londoness” of the great Portobello Antiques Market along with the wonders on display. Every time I visit the markets they never fail to disappoint- even if it’s bucketing down (which is usually not so disappointing but more expected). Furniture, pictures, trinkets, jewelry and more antique fur than your grandmother’s winter wardrobe. You name it, it’s all there to buy, some killer deals to be made and fierce haggling to be done. As they say, one man’s junk is another’s treasure!

Portobello Markets
Portobello Road
London W10
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Photography by Natalia Higgins

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