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On Trend: Designer Butchers

One of the trendiest retail interior design trends I’ve kept my eye on lately is the emergence of Butcher shops with great fit-outs.

Traditionally butchers have been designed based on practicality, with little care to design detail – think stark walls and fluro lights, bright pink meat on display in super market deli style fridges.  Now though, it seems Butchers are stepping it up, challenging these dated notions by employing contemporary design features to showcase premium products to clients who really care.

Cannings Free Range Butcher in Melbourne successfully achieves this, by employing modern finishes such as clean wood panelling and contrasting stone to create a masculine, yet inviting environment to shop for meat.

Another great Butcher is Victor Churchill in Sydney’s Woollahra.  Dramatic walnut wood walls, lit by dramatic lighting creates a moody ambience and intriguing shopping experience.  The store even has a window display, where premium meat products are shown like designer handbags to passers by.

Beth F

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