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On Trend: Indigo

Whoever thought to associate a feeling of melancholy with the ‘blues’ must have been colour blind.  Blue isn’t a depressing colour to me at all: it’s soft, strong, calming and welcoming.  It’s extremely versatile, classically stylish and as loyal as your pet dog.  It is the colour world’s best friend.  

It’s also one of the richest colours, in terms of the amount of shades you can choose from.   Right now, it’s all about Indigo.  In the past few months, this eye catching bold hue has really caught my eye.  I can’t get enough of it.  

To describe indigo, I would say, it is a mélange of dark blue with a hint of deep purple.  It gets its name from the indigo plant used to create the dye.  Some colour therapists  (yes, there is such a thing) have said the colour attracts the highly organized and structured. People who like a sense of symmetry, proportion and balance. It’s no surprise then that this blue’s got rhythm. Some people even go so far as to suggest it emboldens artistic ability and can heighten the powers of concentration and memory.

To create a fresh Indigo room, try teaming the colour with whites and light-coloured marbles.  Alternatively, this versatile colour can create a warm, richly textured moody winter haven.  Simply team indigo velvet with timbers and copper to achieve a layered, enveloping space.