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On Trend: Moody Luxe Minimalism

A new trend is gaining momentum with high end edge – moody luxe minimalism.

Moody isn’t restricted to dark hues like black and navy – dusty pinks and soft blues enrich this aesthetic too. Minimalism in itself provides a striking statement, rather than relying on a single piece to capture attention. The combination of the two is enhanced with luxury finishes and textures.

White is not a hero in this trend, instead opt for shades of grey.

Take inspiration from the twilight hour with storm clouds, broody piers and icy remote destinations. Think mix matching bed linen, dark and dramatic cabinetry or naturally inspired artwork.

Don’t be afraid to use darker wallpapers – beautiful seagrass designs are on trend too. Consider drapery by covering blinds with dark but sheer curtains.

Get the look with the Deco Modular from Coco Republic, Cloud Painting from Oly San Francisco and the Washington Chair from Max Sparrow.

See my gallery below for inspiration on incorporating this deluxe trend at home:

Caitlan N

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