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Black on Blonde

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Trend Report: Interior Styles That Sell

Spring is a key season in the property market. Real estate booms in the lead up to Christmas and spring fever is in the air as Australians buy and sell coming into the warmer months.

Coco Republic Property Styling has been helping Australians sell their homes for over 10 years. We share some tips on styling for sale and the key interiors trends that can make a property stand out amongst the crowd. At the end of the day – it’s all about maximising your sale price in a timeframe that works for you.


The use of indoor plants instantly re-invigorates a space and gives a freshness that we all associate with Spring. Indoor plantings soften a space and bring life to interiors. Giving an indication of the space being occupied and loved.

Play with textures and scale with greenery. Don’t be afraid to mix foliage or bring large plants inside. Plants to look for include; Ficus or ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’, Monstera or ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’, Snake plant or ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’ and Ficus Elastica or ‘Rubber Plant’


‘Black on Blonde’

Characterised by dramatic contrast, mixing dark and light timbers will bring more depth, tone and texture to a space.

Raw exposed timbers soften the space. The focus is on rich, smokey blonde rather than yellow toned Scandinavian Oak.


‘Contemporary with Character’

As Spring approaches we are experiencing high demand for modern and contemporary styling in heritage homes. In Queensland for example, this is a fusion between our beautiful character-style Queenslanders, contrasted with a raw, more modern interiors.  

Our clients are looking for cleaner, more edgy styling rather than the traditional ‘Hamptons’ look we have become accustomed to in recent years. This modern contemporary look is achieved with the use of materials like concrete, brick and ‘live edge’ timbers. Black steel features also create a strong and industrial look.

We are noticing more and more renovations and new developments are delving and experimenting with these techniques in their design.

As these spaces are generally quite raw and cold, we soften these interiors with natural textures like rugs and leathers, as well as contrast with dark furniture pieces, and large statement art. The visual contrast of black and white will provide a sense of balance and boldness to the feel of the home while lending it a graphic punch for your marketing collateral.



A quintessential Australian palette perfect for our outdoor lifestyle. In today’s busy world, our homes are more than ever becoming our sanctuary.

We are shifting away from the classic American Hamptons look, creating our own identity through our interiors.

Resort style living with a natural, light, timeless appeal.

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