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Design Statement: Timber Feature Walls

Adding natural textures into an interior is one of the easiest ways to create a welcoming and inviting aesthetic. And a timber feature wall is a trend on the rise.

In Australia and globally, the timber feature wall makes a big statement in interior design. Yes, I may have been guilty about falling in love with this trend after watching The Block, but the love affair extends so much further.

From blonde timbers, to white wash styles and even darker shades in larger spaces, the added texture brings in warmth and a sense of harmony. I prefer blonde or lighter shades personally, paired with classic black, white and grey. The look is timeless and suits the Australian lifestyle well.

Not limited to walls themselves, ceilings make for a great statement too. Playing with the thickness of the boards changes the entire aesthetic and the benefit of timber is it fits in with so many interior styles.

See my inspiration gallery below.

Caitlan N

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