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Trends of 2018: Cool Tones

In between the more adventurous reds, blush and berry tones found everywhere at Maison Objet 2018, in calming contrast, many exhibitors chose to showcase their wares in shades of forest green. There were no limits to the spectrum, where bright pea green, dark earthy green, and mint sat happily next to each other like a Monet painting.

Contemporary French furniture brand Cinna showcased their iconic upholstery shapes in dark and olive green, with a green rug and lush tropical plants.

Baxter from Italy hid their indoor and outdoor collection in a leafy jungle of live plants, with hand-made mossy green tiles on their stand.

The highlight at this stand was their soft luxe coloured green and cerulean blue leathers.  The green materials were paired back elegantly with terracotta and copper tones to great effect.

Hand-made ceramics and glass accessories featured throughout the fair in every shade of green and blue.

The Daterra ceramics collection caught my eye, featuring hand painting mid-century shapes in bright blue and grass green.

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