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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Two Kitchen Trends for 2016 You Need To Know

Coming into the New Year I’m always looking for new interior design trends that I think will be popular throughout the up-coming year. Last year we saw a lot of layered patterns, textures and design styles throughout the home, and it looks as though this trend will be making a mark on kitchen design for 2016 – a huge contrast to the layers of whites and soft greys we saw in the very popular Hamptons style kitchens of last year.

Another kitchen trend that we’ll be sure to see a lot of is mismatched cabinetry; from mixing different colours, to different styles, this is a sure way to creating a focal piece in your kitchen. So if you’re aiming to have a gorgeous on-trend kitchen in your home this year, consider mixing things up – here’s how…

As far as mixing materials go, try selecting materials based on the feel of the surface; juxtapose smoother materials with something a little coarser – something like a marble island bench and glass splashback would look quite sterile without the introduction of a textured material such as a lovely warm-toned timber. Find the perfect balance by selecting two similar surfaces contrasted by the third.

When deciding on the type of cabinetry you’ll choose for the kitchen, it’s important to think about functionality and the dimensions of the space you are working with. Do you have low-set ceilings? Is your kitchen on the smaller side? A great way to open up a smaller kitchen, and two achieve mismatched (yet cohesive) cabinetry, is by keeping the overhead storage light. Fresh white overhead cabinetry or exposed shelving will keep things open and pop against darker, moody tones – think charcoals, blacks, and dark-stained timbers. Mismatched cabinetry is also a fantastic and fun way to introduce a bit of colour if you’re feeling brave! To make a statement whilst still keeping within a luxe and sophisticated design aesthetic, try a muted blue or green. After all, colour psychology shows that these two colours are associated with calmness, health, and nature – a great holistic atmosphere for one of our most-used spaces in the home!

Max Sparrow