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From The Runway: Vermillion Red

Last week I wrote about the close connection our interior design world has with the fashion industry, and spoke about how the all-white interior trend was mirrored in the various all-white tailored suits that strutted down the catwalks during Men’s Fashion Week SS17. This week I thought I’d add a bit of colour into the mix and talk about vermilion red and its appearance on the runway and within interiors.

Vermilion has been around since the ancient world, having been used for art in Ancient Rome, in Renaissance paintings, as sindoor in India (the dot on the forehead to signify a married Hindu woman), and in Chinese lacquered furniture pieces. It’s truly amazing to think that this ancient colour is still present today, and that it has made its way into clothing.

This colour isn’t a uniform shade; it actually varies from a vivid orange-red all the way to a ‘Chinese Red’ – a deeper and darker vermilion shade typically used in Chinese lacquered furniture. These variations are dependant on the cinnabar grounds that are used to produce this rich historical colour: the finer the powder, the more intense and colourful the hue.

This colour would look fantastic as a feature wall in an entrance or dining room, or used in an accent piece such as an occasional chair. If you’re looking to incorporate vermilion in to your interior along with another colour, then I highly suggest pairing it with either a blue-green (if the vermilion hue is more of an orange-red) or a deep green for a complimentary colour scheme.

A few versatile decor pieces are the perfect way to add a touch of red to your interior are the Jonathan Adler Pop Candle in Tomato and Richard Nixon Throw. Subtle and modern yet sophisticated.

Caitlan N

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