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Walk on the Wild Side: EcoCamp, Chile

Set amongst one of the most breathtaking scenes is EcoCamp in the heart of Torres Del Paine in Chile. Think spectacular trails, local delicacies and waking up to the sounds of local wildlife – but forget the tent.

The brilliance behind EcoCamp are geodesic domes, the perfect package for the eco-tourist. Designed to emulate the nomadic spirit of the ancient inhabitants, the purpose built huts are crafted from reclaimed timbers, furs and leathers found around the site.

It’s a must see ‘tent city’ that modernises primitive design. The central dining area features an eclectic mix of furnishings. The bedrooms are luxurious and comfortable with canopy beds, fireplaces and pendant lighting.

Inspired by their surroundings and with an effort to create minimal impact on the environment, the natural palette and textures are peaceful and inviting.

The luxurious accommodations in the heart of National Park have turned a seemingly insurmountable place into an inviting, indulgent and invigorating oasis.

EcoCamp takes camping to my kind of level.

Caitlan N

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