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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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What’s On: Alexander & Co

Alexander & Co (the Sydney based Architecture and Interior Design company I established in 2013) has had an exciting 2014 so far.

Most recently we were honored at the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards with the Best Hospitality Award for our fit out of the Watsons Bay Hotel.  That was a really special achievement for our team. The last year has been both a huge challenge and also very exciting, and so to win this award was like taking a huge breath out!  We were lucky enough to be amongst great company with Pascale Gomes Mcnabb taking out the other award. Pascale’s vision is unique and energetic; it’s lovely to share the stage with her, so to speak.

Being involved in the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards this year was really exciting as it is an award that truly recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of Australian interior design.  And for me, this uniqueness stems from incredibly passionate people working within an incredibly different natural landscape.  There are no negatives to working with Australia as a backdrop.

Working at Alexander & Co is constantly inspiring.  I am surrounded by a team of driven designers with such enthusiasm – our inspiration board is anywhere from needle work to burnt cedar paneling and chrome tea sets!  And I think for all of us, there is an admiration for the space shapers who have travelled before us – people who have influenced our built environment and imagined our futures.  For me, that’s always been the allure of working as an architect – to have a positive influence on our experience of place.

When approaching a new space our team often starts with just the idea of an experience within the site.  I think the more distilled and singular this starting point, the more effective the outcome.

Alexander & Co has a collection of pretty amazing projects now in construction which we are feeling pretty blessed to be working on. Set for completion within the next few months there is a handful of houses, restaurants and bars in both Sydney and Adelaide, and a lovely resort taking shape in Queenstown.

And in addition to this, we have completed the below projects – The Print Room bar in Sydney’s Paddington, along with a unique warehouse office space in Surry Hills.  I’ve attached some of the first photographs from these projects below:


Jeremy Bull