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Field Notes - Whimsical Wonderland

Interior spaces

Whimsical Wonderland – Hotel du Petit Moulin

Hotel du Petit Moulin, designed by Christian Lacroix, is located in a 17th century building, the site of an old bakery in Le Marais in Paris. The facade dates back to 1900 and the shop sign has been registered as a historic monument for preservation. The room has 17 different rooms, with 17 different atmospheres, each with their own vivid collage frescos.

Lacroix says “I immediately fell for the slightly twisted perspectives, the maze-like passageways on the different floors and the new functional areas which have been added in full respect of the “old Paris” style of the classified parts of the building.”

Using a mix match of many different design styles, from Baroque and Victorian to Retro and Aztec, the affect is a luxurious and opulent, yet whimsical atmosphere. The layering of colours, patterns and textures are so unconventional, that they really do remind you of his haute couture lines.

The pure imaginative nature of this boutique hotel isn’t by coincidence. Lacroix says, “When I designed l’Hotel du Petit Moulin in Le Marais, I had the impression of rediscovering an erstwhile childhood dream, left by the wayside. A dream of living in a hotel, building a decor, day after day, in the colors of the times, putting ambiences together into volume and space and not only on paper or through fashion collections.”

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This is the room I stayed in. it’s definitely worth seeing!

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