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Field Notes - Wild Cockatoos

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Wild Cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys

I have always had an inexplicable fascination with birds, particularly the unique array we have here in Australia – from Lorikeets to Lyrebirds and everything in between.

It seems I share my flying fauna fascination with Sydney based photographer Leila Jeffreys – who’s extraordinary bird portraits have captured the imaginations of interior designers everywhere.

Each with it’s own personality and beauty, the colorful, charismatic stars of her recent exhibition, Wild Cockatoos are captured in Jeffrey’s playful style, printed and framed large-scale to dramatic effect.  A real interior focal point, one of Jeffrey’s prints (or a combo of two if you’re feeling adventurous) would be an eye-catching backdrop to any living room or would add a contemporary touch to a sophisticated bedroom.

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Jeffrey’s Portrait of a Budgerigar (2010) collection was a favorite amongst stylists and interior magazines world-wide and was exhibited in New York and London through Jonathan Adler interior design and decor.

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See below a snapshot of the new Wild Cockatoos, and a look at how the past Portrait of a Budgerigar was incorporated beautifully into an interior space –

Leila’s Jeffreys’ Wild Cockatoos opens November 7 at Sydney’s prestigious Tim Olsen Gallery.


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