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The Contemporary Window Seat

The window seat has been fully adopted into the modern home.

What once was traditional and classic is now a contemporary design feature. Whilst the traditional window seat is synonymous with ruffles, frills and tufting, a modern design is up to interpretation.

Think of a minimalist sleek bench with clean lines in a muted palette in an industrial space or a contemporary mix of textures and detail with furs and knitted throws on feather filled cushioning with pastel hues in a Scandinavian style home.

The home is a place of sanctuary and the window seat strives to achieve just that. From the city to country, form meets function.

The humble window seat achieves glory under windows with wide expansive views. Whilst adding interest to a design scheme, it offers a place to relax, read, talk or watch.

What would your window seat look like?

Caitlan N

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