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A Winter Retreat

Winter is here – finally! – and with the record heat we’ve had in Australia this past summer nothing is more appealing and exotic than this elegant Winter Retreat in the Rocky Mountains USA.

As detailed by, the enviable home of Clay Heighten and his wife Debra Caudy is a true stand-out.

“This is where we want to be” was the first thought that Clay Heighten had when he stepped off the plane at Jackson Hole Airport eight years ago. He and his wife (both Dr’s) had been looking for a retreat for years and after siting many expensive log cabins decided to produce one of their own with help from architect Larry Pearson of the Pearson Design Group in Bozeman, Mont – whose firm had just furnished their 540m2 home.

The project guidelines were relatively open however there were a few areas that the couple wanted to brief in. “We wanted the home to blend with the outside” Dr Heighten says. “We wanted to be able to leave the doors open and walk in and out. And have living areas outside”.

The result is amazing with a spectacular large feature outdoor living room at the entrance. Of course this room has a large fire place, something that comes in handy when the weather is frigid and the snow knee-deep. A common occurrence in Wyoming.

The home is a piece of art in itself and makes you just want to rug up and chill out, literally.

Anthony Spon-Smith

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