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How To: Add Warmth And Ambience To An Interior

In fashion or interiors, the typical response when tackling the winter effect is to layer, layer, layer. But how else can you add warmth and ambience to your home this season?

Rest assured decorating for the cooler months needn’t warrant a total furnishing overhaul of living rooms, dining spaces and bedrooms. Max Sparrow interior designer, Shannon Baker shares her tips to enriching your winter spaces.

1. Light The Way

Winter brings fewer hours of sunshine. Instead of bright overhead lighting, introduce beautifully designed floor and table lamps to illuminate spaces. Add soft light near a dining table to stunning effect, or create drama and mood in the living room with the subtle refraction of light.

For a sophisticated take on contemporary lighting, one of my favourites is the Lexington Floor Lamp. Better yet, the entire Max Sparrow lighting collection is completely handcrafted. My final tip – opt for warm globes in winter over cool globes for undeniable ambience.

2. Neutral Colours

As for colour schemes, neutral is the way to go for the fundamentals. Start with a blank canvas and build drama and personality around it. My go to for wall paint is Whisper White by Dulux.

Rich timber dining tables, natural Belgian linen sofas and stone coloured fabrics on dining chairs are timeless pieces that enhance an inviting interior aesthetic. Once you have the essentials right, then layer with accessories in tones such as greys, charcoals, soft blues and warm beiges. I always move my clients away from the trends and instead opt for the tried and tested classics.

3. Reintroduce Rugs

Hard floors are more popular than ever, from timber to laminate, stone or tiles and polished concrete. The rug can no longer be an afterthought, it’s now a necessity and winter is the time you’ll really appreciate the cosy element it introduces.

If you’ve opted for light coloured flooring, I’d suggest a charcoal or navy and conversely an ivory or pale colour with darker floors.

Braided and shag introduce texture in a neutral space or opt for a subtle pattern in a woollen design for interest. The Max Sparrow Ropeweave Rug resembles a woven wool throw for the ultimate in winter dressing.

4. Splurge On A Signature Piece

For ultimate comfort, winter calls for a cosy place to curl up by the first fire of the season. On these occasions, discerning decorators with the space to store seasonal seating might opt to bring out the Max Sparrow Washington Timber Framed Chair.

Sumptuous velvet and a rich timber frame come together to create a homely retreat.  It provides elements of texture and comfort that make it the perfect place to settle in for a relaxing winter evening at home.

Or step it up a notch with the wool upholstered seat of the Max Sparrow Santa Monica Iron Branch Stool.

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