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Luxe Textures For Winter

Winter is all about warm textures.

Velvet and mohair add opulent sophistication with rich warmth. Hides and furs add tactile luxury. Knits and woolly materials add texture in winter.

Add a dose of fur to your home with a throw to your bed, couch or kitchen chairs. Layer hides with fluffy pieces – try the Reindeer Hide or Faux Fox Throw by Timothy Oulton to accessorise your home.

Select a velvet sofa like the Chamonix or Lampert by Jonathan Adler. Deep buttoning adds a posh parlour feel perfect for the glamorous home.

Think in layers too. As we layer up our sweaters and coats to combat the cold weather, why not do the same for your bed, sofa or even floor? Chunky knitted rugs like the Perthshire are perfect for adding warmth to cold hard flooring surfaces.

Gilded elements are also just as important as warm textures. A brass accent above the mantle in the form of a mirror or tabletop accessories for a winter vibe. Moody lighting does the trick too.

Caitlan N

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