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Student Spotlight

Sue Roseman - Styling Savvy 301

Course studied at Coco Republic Design School?

Styling Savvy 301

Why did you choose the Coco Republic Design School?

The Coco Republic Design School was an obvious choice. For me, it makes sense to learn from people with a good reputation and a sense of style you identify with. The Design School provides a pleasant and comfortable learning environment, access to the showroom and materials room and an extensive range of courses available, as well as ready access to the course manager, tutor and other guest speakers, all generous in providing insights into various facets of the industry.

What did you get out of the course?

I found the course enormously valuable: it provided structure and theory to a subject that has long been a passion. It showed me that I knew more than I realised - giving me added confidence to go beyond anything I¹ve done before, while at the same time teaching me new skills, providing great contacts and generally inspiring me. We had a fantastic group of people in our class and it was a pleasure to catch up to focus on a different element of interior design each week.

Tell us a little about you.

The first chapter in my career, working as an editor on several business magazines, provided me the opportunity to travel to some fabulous destinations and stay in amazing hotels and attend trade fairs and this was the seed of my interest in all things design. The second, corporate chapter of my career was a creative role at an investment bank, managing a global pitch strategy and marketing and graphic design team. Simultaneously, over the past decade I have managed the renovation and decoration of several residential properties. Now, in what I see as my third chapter, I am bringing these creative skills and experience to my own interior design and styling business, SR HOME. I am fortunate to be doing something I truly love that doesn¹t seem like work at all. I am currently absorbed in my largest-ever project which is in Berry, on the NSW South Coast.

What or who inspires/excites you in the interiors industry?

The things that most inspire me are nature, history, different cultures, architecture and art. So many people have brilliant ideas and are doing amazing things, which I love to explore on my travels...I have just been to an amazing art and antique fair in London. Well recognised names who inspire include Kelly Wearstler, Suzanne Kasler, Frank Missotten and Alex Vervoordt. I love the classic grandeur and magnificent gardens of Italian villas, French chateaus and English manors, yet also the simplicity of South Africa's Cape Dutch architecture or the relaxed chic of LA style. Much to my dad's dismay, my sister and I inherited our mum¹s love for pouring through interiors magazines. I love receiving mum¹s torn-out pages of things that inspire her that she knows will work perfectly for what I¹m working on. I am constantly following leads and sourcing new things on Google, and like and Pinterest. It¹s a matter of synthesising what you see and what excites you to create something fresh and original to suit a particular project.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic and timeless with a modern twist. I like grandness, symmetry, solidity, space and light in architecture, with sculptured, individual furniture pieces chosen for their particular individual beauty, historical significance and quality. Generally preferring a neutral colour palette, I prefer to add interest through the use of space, texture and scale...I love natural materials such as stone, marble, wood, linen, silk and skins, and a balance of form and function - a room needs to be comfortable and inviting. Ultimately, I mix styles and materials to create a layered and, hopefully, unexpected result.

Your latest project?

The project in Berry is a 20-hectare (50-acre) country estate on Seven Mile Beach. The beautifully situated north-facing building envelope is to feature a house, pool, spa, pool/guesthouse and tennis court along the ridge, as well as a nine-hole golf course and a shed (even these can look good!). The landscaping plan includes grand gates, a long curved tree-lined circular driveway, grapevines, an olive grove, citrus trees, a walled herb and vegetable garden and some striking statuary. The working farm already has cows and a cattle yard, and once building is completed will have chickens, a horse and it¹s best friend, a sheep!

What is next for you?

I have just had a five-week trip to Asia and Europe buying furniture, antiques and art and am currently arranging containers from several countries and will visit again to quality check the items I am having custom-made and ensure everything is there. I will be spending a lot of time in a hands-on role on the Berry build, and am excited to also start working on other smaller projects.

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