Maudie Payne

Senior Interior Designer, NSW

Accomplished Senior Interior Designer part of the Coco Republic team for over five years.

Since starting with Coco Republic as an interior design assistant, Maudie’s passion for residential interior design has grown. Now a thriving interior designer, Maudie relishes in the opportunity to showcase her styling and designing skills to help create dream homes.

She believes that design should be comfortable, modern, and personal, and strives to bring these aspects to every project she works on.

Maudie has worked with many CAD programs for residential homes, designing kitchens and bathrooms, as well as lighting plans and specific joinery pieces.

With over five years of study under her belt, Maudie’s impressive qualifications list includes a Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Decoration and Design) from CATC Design School and a Bachelor of Applied Design (Commercial Interior) from Billy Blue College of Design. 

 “It is always such an enlightening journey to look back at my work and share all that I have learned. Design is a process that nourishes and makes sense to me, it is the combination of practicality and beauty. Design is never just about what you see it’s about what you feel. Working with clients is the best part, starting in the home, understanding the layout and spatial planning of each space. Working with existing colours and materials, problem-solving, ensuring the results exceeds the client’s expectations. I look at lighting, a really important factor in the home, as well as scale and texture, design elements that can easily be overlooked. Each one of these factors is considered and put together to create a home of breathtaking interiors.”

Get in touch with Maudie

T: 1300 000 220

E: maudiepayne@cocorepublic.com.au