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Musa Abaca Rug

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100% jute in an on-trend chunky plaited jute, the Musa Abaca Rug defines elevated casual living.
Measurements & weights

W: 2500mm x D: 3500mm x H: 10mm

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  • Care Instructions
    Care Instructions

    ·  Scoop up solids and gently lift off as much of the foreign material as possible.
    ·  Blot out as much liquid as possible with an absorbent white paper towel.
    ·  Clean with appropriate cleaning agents
    ·  Never apply detergent directly to a rug and always test any detergent/cleaning agent on any inconspicuous areas of your rug first and if any damage is noticed then the cleaning solution should not be used. Do not continue to use (cleaning solution) if colour lifts off when blotted with a white paper towel, or if a watermark remains on the rug from the cleaning product.
    ·  Blot dry or dry using a cold air fan.
    ·  Do not rub or scrub rugs as it can cause permanent damage.
    ·  Please note that rugs will wear differently in high traffic areas such as in front of a sofa or in a walkway. This is to be expected and is not a defect.

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