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Odessa Log Holder

Rustic modern style timber log holder crafted from a cast steel frame with concrete plinth base.
Measurements & weights

W: 1230mm x D: 350mm x H: 1250mm

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    Care Instructions

    ·  Crafted from solid composite concrete comprising of granite stone powder, Portland cement, natural Jute fibres and water. Please note there will be natural variations in colour and texture.
    ·  Concrete is durable but still porous.
    ·  To clean use bucket of water, mixed with small drop​ of dishwashing liquid.​
    ·  Use a cloth to wipe down dirt and stains.​
    ·  Use soft bristle brush to clean more stubborn stains​.
    ·  Wash soap residue off with hose.
    ·  To prolong life of your furniture​ store away ​and cover with furniture cover when not in use.

    Poweder Coated Metal

    ·  If living in a tropical or coastal area we recommend cleaning everyone to two months and every three months (minimum) for other areas.
    ·  Remove any dirt or deposits with a wet sponge​.
    ·  Use pH neutral dishwashing liquid with soft brush​.
    ·  Rinse surface with fresh water.    
    ·  Do not use turpentine, white spirits, thinners or citrus-based cleaners on powder coating.                                                                                   
    ·  Do not rub excessively.
    ·  It is important to adopt a regular cleaning schedule. 

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A striking, architectural-inspired log holder, constructed from geometric powdercoated steel set atop a concrete plinth. With a blackened, matte finish and a sculptural profile, the Odessa Log Holder is sure to enhance any indoor or outdoor space.
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& Dimensions

For specific product dimensions, please refer to the diagram.

Measurements & weights

W: 1230mm x D: 350mm x H: 1250mm

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