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On the Oly aesthetic, Kate Mcintye says “simple and unusual beauty. A mix of whimsy and classics. Our spaces at first glance may seem clean and spare but we love to layer quietly.”

Brad Huntzinger adds, “the Oly look is eclectic, a mixture of interesting materials, interesting shapes. It’s not keyed into any time period or design movement particularly. We keep it fresh and light, not too serious.”

San Francisco designers Katy Mcintyre and Brad Huntzinger have devoted twenty years of design collaboration to evolving the idea of casual elegance. Oly translates beautiful showroom design into an accessible collection for the sophisticated home.

Oly celebrates an original persona – classic yet fresh, luxurious and cool. Every piece is authentically handcrafted and natural variations are observed in the design process.

The Oly ethos stems in finding quality in detail. As designers they draw inspiration from daily life and the environment. Surrounding themselves with beauty, they draw cues from the Californian coast and San Francisco bay area for luxurious American design that translates well in the Australian home.

Unique furniture and homewares pieces are welcoming and relaxed with a fresh blend of clean lines, luxurious metallics and antique motifs, blending the contemporary with the traditional. Oly exudes modern elegance with a playful, imaginative approach to updating the classics.

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